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How can I get an estimate for your paint services?

We love working with our clients and pride ourselves on being a company that is easy to do business with. Therefore, in order to get a price on our painting services – just give us a call or fill out our contact form.

We can give you all of the information that you’re looking for upfront. Our sales staff is trained to deliver exceptional results that will make your shopping experience easy!

What type of paint do you carry?

We can install any brand of paint you like, but we prefer the Promar Series by Sherwin Williams. This quality paint series is a terrific product for both residential & commercial settings.

Available primarily in Water-based, Oil-based, Acrylic/Latex (Water-Based) as well as a few other, more specific options – this is a product line that has everything to offer in a solid assortment of colors, performance measures and chemical makeups. In essence, we have everything you need for your next residential or commercial paint project!

How many options do you have for the Promar Series?

There are 21 options for the Promar Series of paint: 7 of which are in our featured Promar 200 series. Of all of these options, there is a wide variety of colors that fall into each specific product selection.

The reason for all of these differing series is due to the characteristics that each paint brings to your home or office. From material makeup (water or oil-based) to type of surface it’s being applied to (indoor or outdoor) – we’ve got a wide variety of options to fit your project.

How many colors do you offer?

We offer over 1,500 colors so you have the color that works perfectly for you and your home or office! If you’d like to browse our list of colors, please click this link.

We believe that you will be hard pressed to not find the exact color that you are looking for after visiting our Sherwin Williams digital library! 

What type of painting services do you offer?

James Kate Painting believes in delivering exceptional value for our clients. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your painting needs. Therefore, we offer a whole gamut of painting services for both residential & commercial applications. 

From Interior & Exterior Painting, to Wallpaper Removal, Wooden Decks & Side Panels, Staining and Doors – we’ve got you covered. In fact, our list of services is so in depth that we just prefer to speak to our clients in person.

To that end, we offer free in-home painting consultations. This gives us a great opportunity to meet with our clients and provide them with one-on-one product knowledge and a list of our services to meet their specific needs.